Healthcare Quality

One of the core tenants of ECOH’s mission is to support continuous quality improvement in healthcare services. Improving healthcare outcomes is vitally important for the individuals and families ECOH serves. It can only be achieved through a combination of effort from multiple stakeholders. Since 1995, ECOH has supplied a forum for ongoing dialogue between providers seeking to deliver high quality services and employers wishing to purchase high value healthcare services. Changing the landscape begins with vision and at ECOH we believe:

  • Quality among healthcare varies greatly
  • The Quality of providers can be accurately measured
  • Our Members and their plan enrollees can understand and can use quality measures to make decisions about their healthcare
  • Measuring provider quality is the basic building block of driving quality improvement
  • High Quality healthcare services are High Value services and providers should be and can be rewarded based on performance

The following resources provide valuable information to consumers seeking to become more engaged healthcare consumers.

Consumer Resources

ECOH Quality Inititiatives

Prometheus Payment - In 2009, ECOH began a three-year pilot to test PROMETHEUS Payment. The initial focus was on improving management of three chronic conditions: diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease (CAD). Providers who follow well-established clinical guidelines and avoid Potentially Avoidable Complications (PACs) should generate savings, which can be pooled and distributed to top performing physicians and member companies. The goals of the program were to reduce PACs by 6% in Year 1. ECOH also sought to promote a patient-centered environment and help physicians act in teams — without disrupting current operations. This pilot was designed to drive down costs and provide a powerful catalyst for change. It supports the ECOH’s mission to continuously improve the value of health care services to Members, employees and their families.

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Located Doctors and Hospitals

ECOH Quality Initiatives

ECOH works with employers, health care providers and third party administrators to zealously measure, evaluate and improve the health care you, individuals and families receive.